Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Howling (1981)

4.5 / 5
Tagline: Imagine Your Worst Fear A Reality
Directed by: Joe Dante
Written by: Gary Brandner, John Sayles
Actors include: Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee
Genre: Horror
Length: 91 minutes
Banned: Norway
Country: USA

Definitely one of the coolest werewolf movies, this one has good effects, decent story plus it's very atmospheric! The story is about a tv newswoman (Wallace) who has a nearly deadly encounter with a serial killer. She helps the Police catch him, but then decides to go on vacation in the woods where the serial killer came from. As she tries to recuperate she learns something much more sinister and deadly is going on, plus she isn't exactly out of danger yet! I'm not a huge werewolf kinda gal but this is definitely one of the best films of this nature that I've ever come across and although I've obviously given away the erm secret, it's nothing the title or picture on the cover wouldn't have done. It won't distract in any way from enjoying the heck out of this little '80s treat. Definitely a fun one to check out when ever you get the chance, I can't see many people being disappointed with this one!

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