Monday, May 4, 2009

Double Jeopardy (1999) aka Doppelmord aka Double Condamnation

3 / 5
Tagline: Murder isn't always a crime.
Directed by: Bruce Beresford
Written by: David Weisberg, Douglas Cook
Actors Include: Ashley Judd, Tommy Lee Jones, Benjamin Weir
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Length: 105 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: Germany/Canada/USA

A rather average thriller about a woman (Judd) who wakes up and finds her husband missing and blood all over their boat along with a bloodied knife. Of course when they investigate they learn he had a huge insurance policy and they blame his wife. She is convicted of the murder and sent to prison, but soon she learns he may not actually be dead. There is a law that states if you are tried for a crime and convicted you cannot be convicted of the same crime again so guess what happens! I guess if nothing more it's semi-satisfying in a made-for-tv yet big budget kind of way. There were just so many similar thrillers around this time frame that although this is one of the better ones, it isn't even worth bothering with...overly!

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