Monday, May 4, 2009

Friday The 13th: The Series (1987-1990) Season 2

Episode #5 "Symphony In B#"
2.5 / 5
Directed by: Francis Delia
Actors include: Louise Robey, Chris Wiggins, Christopher Britton

I thought this concept sounded awesome, a cursed violin that allows a dead musician to release new albums. Turned out to be some boring take on the Phantom Of The Opera tale, and do I mean boring. One of the worst episodes of the show so far.

Episode #6: "Master Of Disguise"
3 / 5
Directed by: Tom McLoughlin
Actors include: John D. LeMay, John Bolger, Chapelle Jaffe

Since I saw the dreadful movie of the same name I should have known better than to watch this. It's about a cursed makeup that makes a movie star's face turn from hideously deformed to handsome. Micki of course ends ends up falling for this moron but will she love him still when she sees how ugly he is? It was okay but far from exciting, I definitely like the other cursed compact tale better!

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