Monday, May 4, 2009

The Forest (1982) aka Terror In The Forest

3.5 / 5 Jan '09
Tagline: If You Go Down To The Woods Today - You Might Never Get Out Alive!
Directed by: Donald M. Jones
Written by: Evan Jones
Actors include: Dean Russell, Gary Kent, Tomi Barrett
Genre: Horror, Fantasy
Length: 85 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: USA

This was not quite what I expected, but definitely an enjoyable film none-the-less. Firstly let me say that the theme song is hilarious, the music throughout is interesting to say the least. We meet a group of four moronic characters, a couple of males and a couple of females who decide to go camping together. The women take off first to prove themselves and of course while separated one of the ladies is brutally murdered in the forest. The other female runs into two ghost children who warn her that their Father will kill her if he finds her. She of course is chased about, and shortly after the Men follow towards the campsite. It's dark out though and raining so they seek shelter in this underground forest lair. There they meet a gruff man and two ghost children. The man tells them the tale of murder, but will they believe him before it's too late? It's a weird supernatural forest slasher indeed but some good chases transpire and it's nearly aways interesting. Sure it's much like "Don't Go In To The Woods...Alone", and "Just Before Dawn" but this one is quite different in many ways and honestly worthwhile so long as you don't need a budget and good acting to be entertained.

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