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Journey To The Unknown (1968-1969)

Episode #1: "The New People"
5 / 5
Directed by: Peter Sasdy
Actors include: Robert Reed, Anthony Colby, Patrick Allen

This is one of the best and most shocking tv episodes I've ever seen! What a heck of a way to start a brilliant series! Robert Reed (Mr. Brady) and his wife move into this house with cheap rent and a rumpus room. The neighbors are super friendly...maybe too friendly. They also hint at a suicide that happened to the last tenants, but aren't too forthcoming with details. It's really super awesome and I'd highly recommend watching this creepy tale if ever you have the option, seriously amazing!

Episode #2: "Somewhere In A Crowd"
Directed by: Michael J. Bird
Actors include: Jane Asher, Ann Bell, David Hedison

This one is about a man who sees the same five individuals in a crowd every time that something dreadful happens. People think he's crazy and don't believe him, but his method never misses. It's certainly not the greatest episode, but a neat idea and the ending is satisfying!

Episode #3: "Matakitas Is Coming"
3.5 / 5
Directed by: Michael Lindsay-Hogg
Actors include: Vera Miles, Gay Hamilton, Leon Lissek

It's sadly one of the least interesting tales, yet still the ending is a nice surprise. It's about a criminologist who is researching old murder cases in a library. They close down and lock her inside and somehow she gets in a time warp to 1927 where a guy murders a librarian to be a bride for Satan. It just takes too long to get to the point and they beat us over the head with the date change thing...sigh!

Episode #4: "Jane Brown's Body"
4 / 5
Directed by: Alan Gibson
Actors include: David Buck, Lewis Fiander, Stefanie Powers

We meet a woman who died by gas leak, she's brought to a clinic that just happens to be a bit experimental. Although she'd been dead for 2 hours they revive her with a serum created by the doctor. Only trouble is she has to relearn almost everything and she has no memory of her past. The doctor takes her in as family while she tries to figure out her past. It's a pretty good story, but yet after seeing the amazing "Eve" story this doesn't measure up. Still a very entertaining piece!

Episode #5: "Do Me A Favor And Kill Me"
3.5 / 5
Directed by: Gerry O'Hara
Actors include: David Baxter, Joyce Blair, Carol Cleveland

This one is about a guy who has financial woes but a huge life insurance policy. He is depressed and wants his wife to get the money, so he puts a hit out on himself. Of course he changes his mind and tries desperately to call the hit off...but will it be too late? Not that exciting, but still an interesting story it's a bit predictable too but still worth watching.

Episode #6: "Poor Butterfly"

3.5 / 5
Directed by: Alan Gibson
Actors include: Chad Everett, Bernard Lee, Fay Compton

This was a very mysterious episode, I mean one can't really tell what's happening until the very end but it's clear something strange is going on. A fellow named Steve receives a strange invitation to a costume party from a Man he's never heard of. Oddly he decides to go and he ends up finding it a rather strange party with nearly everyone dressed as royalty, and they all have fancy elderly cars. He meets a beautiful girl named Rose dressed as a butterfly who he seems to really like even though she is demanding to leave the party immediately and seems to have another beau. Very intriguing, it's just a shame things aren't cleared up a little more in the end, though I suppose maybe that's the point?

Episode #7: "The Madison Equation"

3 / 5
Directed by: Rex Firkin
Actors include: Barbara Bel Geddes, Allan Cuthbertson, Sue Lloyd

This is a futuristic episode about a Woman who owns a company (along with her Husband) that is working on making the perfect computer with feelings. It's very high-tech and a lot of work, but her Husband doesn't mind putting in the extra hours, especially since he's working on a program to kill his wife!

Episode #8: "The Girl Of My Dreams"
4 / 5
Directed by: Peter Sasdy
Actors include: Michael Callan, Jan Holden, Justine Lord

This starts out with a man going to dinner with a model. They are warned by the waitress that they shouldn't leave before 10 because it could be deadly. They leave before and the model is crushed by scaffolding. The lady in the restaurant and the man end up having a relationship after he learns she's psychic. She goes out to warn people of their death but they rarely believe her until he gets involved, but he may have other motives!

Episode #9: "The Last Visitor"
1.5 / 5
Directed by: Don Chaffey
Actors include: John Bailey, Patty Duke, Geoffrey Bayldon

Terrible, terrible, terrible...I don't know why some in this series are so amazing and other stories it's although they don't even try. This one is about a woman who suffered a breakdown and goes to the seaside to recover. Then a strange man keeps turning up in her room and rooting through her things. It's really dull and predictable I might add, we definitely saw this one coming. One to avoid for sure!

Episode #10: "Eve"
5 / 5
Directed by: Robert Stevens
Actors include: Carol Lynley, Dennis Waterman, Michael Gough

This isn't a show that I really know anything about except that it's a late 60's show and it was put out by the Hammer company. My wise Husband spotted this show and snatched it up, and am I ever glad he did. Even though I've only seen one episode, it was amazing and I can't wait to see more. Firstly let me say shame on the folks who wrote "Lars and the Real Girl" as this must have been what they copied as the stories are quite similar (only this one is better). This one is about a guy who goes out on a date with a bitchy loudmouth. Then he sees a mannequin and he falls in love with "her" (for some reason he imagines her as alive). He learns she is outdated and furnace ready so he steals her and a fur coat but not before killing his boss and running off. It gets even weirder and cooler but I was seriously captivated the entire time. What a great start to this series, if the other episodes are half this good count me in! It's just a shame this show isn't out on DVD or anything yet...but seriously it should be!

Episode #11: "The Indian Spirit Guide"
3.5 / 5
Directed by: Roy Ward Baker
Actors include: Tom Adams, Julie Harris, Catherine Lacey

We have a woman named Leona who is searching for clues about her lost husband, so she goes to psychics. She was recommended a fellow who debunks psychics who follows her along. He realizes she's loaded and starts to scheme to get her to marry him. Well when they find a psychic that may be for real something really strange that I shan't ruin happens. It's actually a bit dull to start but it really finishes off fantastically, I love this show!

Episode #12: "The Killing Bottle"

4 / 5
Directed by: John Gibson
Actors Include: Roddy McDowall, Ingrid Boulting, Barry Evans

When a butterfly collector decides to go into the music business with the help of his broke Manager. The Manager devises a scheme for the musician to befriend his rich brother in order to get the money they need for the beginning of his career. The only thing is that the Manager isn't being entirely honest with his motive, and suddenly our musician is in some serious trouble. It's rather dull for the first bit but yet still kinda interesting but it builds into a pretty thrilling conclusion so stay tuned!
Episode #13: "Stranger In The Family"
3 / 5
Directed by: Peter Duffell
Actors include: Janice Rule, Maurice Kaufmann, Anthony Higgins

After his father was involved with some sort of accidental mutation thing, his son referred to as "Boy" is missing fingernails. He's actually the next step in evolution, but should he go to freak school? Should he be trusted? Basically the equivalency of the X-Men movie without the flash!
Episode #14: "The Beckoning Fair One"
1.5 / 5
Directed by: Don Chaffey
Actors include: Robert Lansing, Gretchen Franklin, Gabrielle Drake

Wow what a terrible episode...seriously dull, no surprises and well completely unoriginal. It's about a couple who moves into a house haunted by the ghost of the past owner (an attractive lady who died). The boyrfriend (who is an artist) becomes obsessed with her and starts painting the dead women. Then something seems to be trying to make the girlfriend leave...hmmm I wonder!

Episode #15: "One On A Desert Island"
4.5 / 5
Directed by: Noel Howard
Actors include: David Bauer, Suzanna Leigh, Brandon De Wilde

This one is about a useless kid who takes his mother's inheritance and buys a boat with the intent to sail around the world. Since he's an idiot he ends up falling off his boat and has to swim to shore. Shore in this case is a deserted island and he learns to survive but becomes increasingly insane! It's a pretty good story and the island is gorgeous, plus it's a bit of a surprise!

Episode #16: "Paper Dolls"
3.5 / 5
Directed by: James Hill
Actors include: Roderick Shaw, Michael Tolan, Nanette Newman

Likely the least interesting the series has to offer that I've seen so far. It's about a boy named Rodney who has an imaginary friend named Stephen. When Rodney starts acting strangely in school and is believed responsible for the injury to another student (although he didn't actually touch him) things start to get weirder. It's quite a bit confusing until it all comes together and even then it's not all that rewarding. Still it's not a bad story and easy enough to watch I suppose, just maybe save this one until you've seen the really great episodes!

Episode #17: "Miss Belle"
5 / 5
Directed by: Robert Stevens
Actors include: Kim Burfield, Barbara Jefford, George Maharis

This is one of the freakiest episodes that I'll bet has ever aired. It's about a horrible bitch of a lady named Miss Belle who hates men. When her sister and husband die in an accident she agrees to take on their child. Since she hates men and the child is a boy she forces the child to act as a little girl. I won't give away more but seriously some bizarre stuff here, rather disturbing. Definitely one to see if ever you get the chance, I tell you I love this show more and more with each episode!

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