Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Madhouse (1981) aka There Was A Little Girl aka Scared To Death aka Flesh And The Beast

4.5 / 5 Apr. '09
Tagline: Julia thinks she lives alone...she doesn't!
Directed by: Ovidio G. Assonitis
Written by: Ovidio G. Assonitis
Actors include: Trish Everly, Michael MacRae, Edith Ivey
Genre: Horror
Length: 92 minutes
Banned: Germany
Country: Italy

From the maker of "Beyond The Door" came this entirely different style of film. Actually I saw this when I was in grade 5, and remembered the name as "Madhouse". Every time I brought it up everyone starting talking about the Kirsty Alley picture so I thought I was mad and began thinking I imagined it. Then I ordered this film in the mail (because it looked like something I would enjoy), imagine my surprise when it was the long lost film of my childhood! I've been dying to see this again for so long and at last I have it and it my memory didn't disappoint. It's about twins, one is evil and deformed and locked away in a mental ward, the other is a regular lass, both are heading near their birthday. Then their Uncle calls and convinces sane twin to go visit crazy twin which ends in the crazy one swearing to get revenge on the sane one. Sane girl goes back to normal life but soon finds out that her sister (and man-eating dog) have escaped and are bumping off her friends. It's bloody, it's twisted, it's got a birthday party full of dead people wearing hats (which was my favorite memory)! This has something for everyone, seriously a long lost horror classic for the depraved, the only complaint is that it starts out a little slowly but rest assured, you will be paid back and more!

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