Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

4 / 5
Tagline: Harry's out to steal your heart.
Directed by: George Mihalka
Written by: Stephen A. Miller, John Beaird
Actors Include: Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier, Neil Affleck
Genre: Horror
Length: 91 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: Canada

Well for starters it's a little hard to go back in time, so it did seem rather predictable, but the thing is for the time it's actually a rather creative and fun little Canadian slasher. It starts out with us learning about a tragedy in the mine that happened on Valentine's Day many years ago. See the Supervisors took off early to go to a VD Dance without making sure everyone was out in the mine. Meanwhile the mine has crashed and everyone is dying, except there is one survivor that was sent to a mental institution. Now in present day we have a killer who is packaging real hearts in candy to give to detectives to warn them to not have a dance for Valentine's Day...which of course they are planning on doing. Anyhow the teens switch the location of the dance and end up trying to party down in the mine with the killer chasing them around in a mining mask which is pretty darned cool. They actually did build up some intensity and the killings are bloody fun and creative which makes this even more entertaining. Keep your eye out for the chubby dude that looks exactly like the Pringles guy...seriously! There isn't anything here that you've not seen before, but this is stylish and a bit campy but a load of fun, definitely better than anticipated!

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