Monday, May 11, 2009

Night Of A 1000 Cats (1972) aka La Noche de los mil gatos aka Blood Feast

2 / 5
Tagline: Alone, only a harmless pet... One thousand strong, they become a man-eating machine!
Directed by: Rene Cardona Jr.
Written by: Rene Cardona Jr., Mario Zacarias
Actors include: Anjanette Comer, Zulma Faiad, Hugo Stiglitz
Genre: Horror
Length: 63 minutes in my edition but actually 93 minutes if you can find the uncut version (impossible)
Banned: Nope...just editied to pieces for release
Country: Mexico

I heard this was a '70s film, Italian and about murderous cats so I had no choice but to ebay this sucker. Now according to the IMDB I'm one of 109 folks (who use the internet and that site of course) to have watched it. I'm not the slightest bit surprised either. Fortunately it's just over an hour long and that's what keeps it tolerable. It actually starts out more impressively than it ends up, watching a cat (who looks obviously thrown onto a trampoline) fly through the air is pretty fun, but it only happens once. Most of the film is spent watching the lead actor fly around in a helicopter trying to seduce young ladies back to his lair to use as cat food. Nothing and I mean nothing is explained, and it's hardly gory. Plenty of pointless cut shots of many cats and plenty of helicopter shots though! The cats seem friendly and domesticated, and "night" doesn't really factor in either, but there may have been 1000 cats (I didn't count). It doesn't make sense or explain anything so if you are looking for a "point" or a proper ending, you are dreaming. Still if you go into it completely open minded and have a larf at the ridiculousness of it all, it may be worthwhile. Actually as an update I've learned that because my copy is missing over a half an hour it's rather hard to give a proper rating. See most of the movie on the dvd version is edited out because of extreme cat violence (I think they actually kill the cats in the movie...but I can't say as I haven't seen it). Quite a weird situation since I doubt they'll ever allow the uncut version aka sense so I'd say to stay away from the dvd.

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