Monday, May 11, 2009

Nightmares In A Damaged Brain (1981) aka Nightmare

4 / 5 Apr '09
Tagline: The Dream You Can't Escape ALIVE!
Directed by: Romano Scavolini
Written by: Romano Scavolini
Actors include: Baird Stafford, Sharon Smith, C.J. Cooke
Genre: Horror
Length: 97 minutes
Banned: Finland, West Germany, Canada
Country: USA

Yet another video nasty that is deservedly so, as it's incredibly cruel intentioned. Right off the hop you know you are in for one heck of a picture when you see a vile decapitation (thanks Tom Savini). It's about a schizophrenic that has many issues, he's having flashbacks of when he gruesomely axed his father's lover and his father. He escapes from the mental ward and starts tracking people to axe up into pieces. He ends up in Florida stalking a family, the young boy in the family is a bit of a horror prankster making for a boy who cried wolf situation. The ending is a bit surprising and unexpected, and it's a bit confusing between reality and not. It doesn't help that the print I watched was really poor quality but since the distributor won't release the rights to put this properly on dvd it was the best I could do. It's a real shame because the effects are amazingly gory, the story is an interesting one and seriously this was one intriguing film. Recommended, but be patient, it will pay off and be worth the squinting!

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