Monday, May 11, 2009

The Pit And The Pendulum (1991) aka The Inquisitor

4 / 5
Tagline: A bizarre descent into hell from the creator of re-animator
Directed by: Stuart Gordon
Written by: Edgar Allan Poe, Dennis Paoli
Actors include: Lance Hendriksen, Stephen Lee, William J. Norris
Genre: Horror
Length: 97 minutes
Banned: Iceland
Country: USA

I actually really do like this perhaps more than I let on, but it's not your typical horror fare in any way. It's loosely based around Poe's tale, but rather quite loosely I'd like to point out. We have the beautiful young Maria who speaks out against a hanging. It is the time of the Spanish Inquisition and she is taken for a witch. The sadistic leader falls for her and cuts out her tongue, but when he finds out she's married and virtuous it's to the torture pit with her. Tons of interesting period torture pieces (I actually found it to be educational in some ways), and there is surprisingly lots of action and adventure in this piece, but those looking for horrific torture will be rewarded also. It's actually good as a film since it does have elements of many other styles, but rest assured it's actually really well done and I'd recommend it to nearly anyone.

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