Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Society (1989)

4 / 5
Tagline: In Beverly Hills, what you fear is only the beginning
Directed By: Brian Yuzna
Written By: Rick Fry, Woody Keith
Actors Include: Billy Warlock, Connie Danese, Patrice Jennings
Genre: Horror
Length: 99 minutes
Banned: nope
Country: USA

This is a cute film that I'd heard almost nothing about until actually getting around to watching it. It's sort of a colorful creative spin on the Body Snatchers sorta thing, only of course with a twist. It's definitely got a sort of campy '80s feeling to it, but it's surprisingly well made and it even manages to have a bit of mystery until we solve what's going on. On top of this the effects are outlandish and fun, and the pace is pretty well kept throughout. Our story revolves around our hero Bill who notices that he's quite different from his Parents and his sister. In fact he even sees a shrink about the matter. Then he starts to notice his girlfriend is acting a bit strange...even for a valley girl and soon it's impossible to ignore what's going on. The clues come when his sister's boyfriend actually puts a tap on his sister's earring and they hear some disturbing things. Obviously the family isn't quite what it seems and there is some sort of secret society going on (can you say the title?). I don't really want to give away what or how the society works or anything, but it's but let's just say there are some weird orgies and well...I've already said too much. It's obvious this was made by the same guy who made "Re-Animator" as it has that same sort of colorful style and it's a great deal of fun. It does sort of lack the fright and the scare factor that some may seek out but I would recommend this anyhow.

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