Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sole Survivor (1983)

3 / 5
Tagline: It wants her...it's waiting...it won't be long now.
Directed by: Thom Eberhardt
Written by: Thom Eberhardt
Actors include: Anita Skinner, Kurt Johnson, Robin Davidson
Genre: Horror
Length: 85 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: USA

Hmmm, well firstly I'd like to state that the story here is a good one. In fact I quite enjoyed it when it was called "Final Destination" (although this definitely came first). Unfortunately in this form translated to film the result is very dull and it's tough to get to the decent stuff at the end. The reason is, no budget, bad actors, terrible script (I mean one of the worst I've ever heard bad), and nothing happens for a very long time. The story is about a Woman who is the sole survivor of a plane crash. After she's released from the hospital she stars seeing strange people everywhere. On the other end of the story there is a psychic actress (who couldn't act her way out of a box) who predicted the crash. Of course one doesn't want to listen to the other until it's nearly too late. What or whom could be threatening the sole survivor? Well again the story seriously should be remade and I'm glad "Final Destination" took some of these ideas because it definitely could be interesting. It's just way too unbearable to get to the meat here as I spent most of my time begging for them to kill off everyone!

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