Monday, May 11, 2009

Open Your Eyes (1997) aka Abre los ojos aka Apri Gli Occhi aka Ouvre Les Yeux aka Permanent Midnight

4 / 5
Tagline: N/A
Directed by: Alejandro Amenabar
Written by: Alejandro Amenabar, Mateo Gil
Actors include: Eduardo Noriega, Penelope Cruz, Chete Lera
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama
Length: 117 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: Spain/Italy/France

Well you may know this story under the title of it's remake "Vanilla Sky" or heck you may know this one. I haven't seen the remake, but this is an imaginative and colorful tale. It's about a rich man named Cesar who was also a womanizer. His best friend Pelayo was very jealous because he isn't exactly successful with the ladies. Still Pelayo manages to land the beautiful Penelope Cruz and brings her to a party at Cesar's house. Cesar just happened to fall madly in love with Penelope. Nuria some girl who Cesar had slept with in past was extremely jealous of Cruz so she picked him up in her car and drove them both into the wall. Cesar survived but was horribly disfigured and feeling helpless. Then someone offers to rebuild his face and things take a really different turn. It's visually stunning and simply easy to watch, definitely a recommendation so long as you can read subtitles!

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