Monday, May 11, 2009

Papaya, Love Goddess (1978) aka Die Of Pleasure

2 / 5
Tagline: N/A
Directed by: Joe D'Amato
Written by: Roberto Gandus
Actors include: Sirpa Lane, Maurice Poli, Melissa Chimenti
Genre: Horror, Softcore Porn
Length: 86 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: Italy

I was surprised when Jon found this little known film available to watch, I'd thought we'd hit most of the cannibal flicks, but we haven't really delved into the porno cannibal realm so I guess it was time to investigate. Well it starts out definitely like a porno, the music, the nakedness...but then you know it's a horror movie when Papaya bites off a penis, be forewarned though, there isn't much horror here. From there we get to see a cock fight (erm with birds) and then the bleeding of some piggies, and their organs spilling out (which yes is quite gross). We then get into the erm plot? Papaya (who is apparently the most beautiful woman anyone has ever seen although she looks like a she-Rick James) lives with a bunch of other folks who's voices are poorly dubbed (I mean even for an Italian horror movie). This couple who pulls up fall in love with Papaya and have an orgy and see some tribal stuff. Later we learn the male half of the couple is a researcher who wants to build nukes or something I think and the people of the island (resort) don't want it to happen. The plot is seriously a non-issue and not really bothered with, especially at the end. It's a silly picture that is yes poorly made with sex that is anything but sexy, but it's pretty darned hilarious in places and worth a view for cannibal fans and fans of terrible movies.

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