Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & The Wolfman (1973) aka Santo Y Blue Demon Contra Dracula Y El Hombre Lobo aka Blue Demon vs. Dracula and El Hombre...

3.5 / 5 Dec '08
Tagline: N/A
Directed by: Miguel M. Delgado
Written by: Alfredo Salazar
Actors include: Santo, Aldo Monti, Agustin Martinez Solares
Genre: Horror
Length: 99 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: Mexico

Well I am not a fan of wrestling...not at all in fact, but this I liked somehow. If you don't know, Santo and the Blue Demon are Mexican wrestlers...and friends apparently. They both wear those full face masks that never come off for the entire movie (which is hilarious in places where they are trying to have serious conversations wearing suit jackets and such). The film starts out with a wrestling match between Santo and Angel Blanco (or something similar) which is hilariously narrated in such a way that even an imbecile could get it, but I think that's why it's so humerous! Anyhow, of course Santo wins, then he meets with his girlfriend who's family just happens to have some curse upon them wherein The Wolfman and Count Dracula want to finish off her family (because her family killed the Count many moons back). Santo realizes he'll need help with those monsters so he recruits his friend the Blue Demon. Then we watch the Blue Demon wrestle a guy called The Hippy (who by the way looks nothing like a hippy). Then they have to take on all of the clones of Count Dracula and the Wolfman because they have been busy converting people into their species (to take over the world of course). Anyhow it's actually a better "horror" movie than I had expected as they tried with the effects a bit and several do die, there are some really fun battles involved as well. The wrestling part was honestly interesting too, except for the end wrestling sequence it all seemed to fit in and was quite amusing. Much better all around than I had anticipated. Shockingly there are over 50 Santo movies, and I can't say I'll ever watch them all but after this one I would definitely watch another...maybe in a little while!

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